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Carolyn Engel-Gautier, Ph.D.

Scientific and Technical Translation and Editing

French - English




I provide professional quality work ready for publication. From my life experience in five countries on three continents, I have a thorough understanding of American and European cultures, including different writing styles in French and English. Beyond simple translation or editing, I adapt your prose to its purpose—whether it be an article for a specialized journal, a brochure or a web site—, in accordance with scientific and/or technical writing norms.

• French to English Translation

Translation of journal articles, reports, presentations, grant proposals, books, etc. in various fields, with close attention to vocabulary, style and coherence

• Editing (in English)

Editing—both linguistic and technical aspects—of articles and other types of documents written in English by non-native speakers: correction of linguistic errors (spelling, word choice, syntax, style, etc.) with a critical review of the text's content (coherence, structure, data presentation, terminology, etc.)

• Technical / Scientific Writing

Synopses, resumes, reports, etc. written directly in English, based on provided materials; these documents may be geared towards experts or to the general public

• Localization of web pages

Translation and cultural adaptation of web pages

• Page Layout

Document formatting and layout in a uniform and appropriate style; in the case of a document that has been translated, the original formatting and layout are maintained


• Translation:

Invoiced according to the number of translated source words  (i.e. from French)

• Editing:

Invoiced according to the number of hours devoted to proofreading and correcting the text; varies according to length and English-language mastery

• Writing:

Invoiced according to the number of words in the final document; varies according to the difficulty of the subject matter

• Localization:

Invoiced according to the number of source (French) words and the number of hours devoted to adapting images and page layout

• Page layout:

Invoiced according to the number of hours devoted to page layout (type-setting, photo composition, style editing)

• Minimum billing:

Under 400 words, a minimum rate (50€) is applied.

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